What is Breezer Express?

Breezer Express is the most affordable audio sample library manager/organizer for Windows, designed for audio enthusiasts, music producers, sound editors and home users.

Below you will find a detailed list of features which are not available in Brezer Express 2013.

Tag library

  • Add tag to current view command. This is a fast way to tag a goup of folders or samples containing common words like 'Drums' or 'Keys'.
  • Copy tagged audio files to (copies every media file tagged with the selected tag to a specified folder).
  • Move tagged audio files to (moves every media file tagged with the selected tag to a specified folder).
  • Tag hierarchy maximum depth is limited to 3 levels.
  • No multiple database support.
  • Full text search inside the tag library is not available.

File and folders

  • Folder pre-scan, which can be very useful to speed up Breezer tagging operations when first installed.
  • Preview history, keeps tracks of the previously previewed samples sorted by date.
  • Generate tag report for folders. Shows a report of which tags are applied under an entire foder tree.
  • Remove any tag from folder. Remove with one click any tag applied to a folder.
  • No file operations like cut, copy, paste and delete available.
  • File view incremental text search (for file names). 


  • Maximum number of favourites folders limited to 10 folders.
  • View limited to hybrid-only which means that you'll see both the disks/folders tree and the tag library.
  • Search terms history.
  • No customizable user interface scaling.
  • No custom workspace background support.

Loop region and waveform

  • Export custom loop to file.
  • Drag'n'drop of the custom loop region to other programs.
  • Annotations over waveform are not supported.


  • Premium database support price 40€/hour (free for Pro users).
  • No quick fix releases, that means that the bug fix will be released only on next scheduled update (usally each two months).

Future features available only for pro users

The features below aren't available now, those are features planned for future updates.

  • File and folders rename directly in Breezer workspace.
  • Media file quick notes support.
  • Propellerheads ReWire support.