Tre cime di lavaredo d'inverno Revel Software is a privately held company located in northern Italy, in the heart of the Dolomites founded in 2002 by Umberto Giacobbi. 

Since 2010 our mission is develop the best sample library manager for Windows at a reasonable price for Pro users as well as audio enthusiasts.

Our history

Revel journey started in 2002, with Ignito an object-relational mapper for .net which, is now the core data access component behind our products. To give you an example Breezer 2013 Tag engine is built on top of it.

In 2008 we developed an application layer which offers services to client apps for their tooling needs, plugin management, commanding, data model abstraction and much more. Aguasante (that was its codename) was then sold, and then developed further by other companies.

Between 2009 and 2010 Revel Software grows and launched two products: Revel reView and Revel Breezer. They were quite different products, as being the first one an Outlook *.msg file viewer and the other an audio library manager for audio-professionals.

In particular, Breezer (which was then in its infancy) received immediately attention from the audio community. The development team received a huge number of requests and suggestions which were then developed in the final product, Breezer 2012.

In 2012, after the introduction of Windows 8 and the decision made by Microsoft to drop the start menu, our team started the development of Revel BringBack 2013 one of the first start menu replacement for Windows 8.

In 2013 the management decided to sell the IP and rights of two products: reView and BringBack because we want to focus on Revel Breezer, the best sample library manager for Windows. 

In 2014 Revel Software changed its legal status to private fully-owned company in Italy, shortly after Breezer 2013 was launched after a nine-months beta period. Nine months that, thanks to our users (and their feedbacks), we were able to refine and improve nearly every aspect of it.

When launched officially in June 2014, Breezer 2013 simply redefined the sample library manager concept for audio professionals on Windows platform.

Company data

E.U. VAT Number: IT 03380771208
Private fully-owned company registered in Italy
Owner: Umberto Giacobbi

Postal mail:
Revel Software 
Via Calvi 3
32042 Calalzo di cadore

Other contact info

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